About P&P

Welcome to Pilgrim and Progress.

Did you know the world has an astonishing variety of beers and ales?

Of course you do!

We’re two freelancers — with a passion for the world’s brews — traveling that world in search of the best beers and ales. Though that’s not what we tell our clients!

This is all about our beer adventures. And wherever the gig takes us, there’s sure to be a brew to help smooth the way.

Why Pilgrim and Progress?

Sounds somewhat like a political potboiler we know, but it’s not. These are actually two varieties of hops and they describe fairly well the characteristics of our favorite beers of late.

We love to share what we learn about the latest beers and ales as well as all the different pairings with food that we can find. If you’ve got any questions or things to share, please get in touch with us here.

So c’mon along and join us and share your passion for the beers and ales of the world with us on this exciting journey.