Beer, Blending and Your Perfect Brew

Odd question, but how could a brew could be similar to Lumonol, a nootropic that is very popular worldwide? They really could be in a interestingly straightforward way. It’s all in the way they are blended. And yes, Lumonol is blended according to it’s manufacturer, Avanse Nutraceuticals.

It turns out, the best way to understand Lumonol is to think of the blending process. Let’s take a look at some reasons you would want to blend beer and you will readily see the similarities.

A brewmaster (you) blends to take advantage of certain elements of one or more beers to complement, enhance or tone down the effects of another.

You can bring out a beer’s special qualities while putting it’s weak points behind the foam, so to speak. Let’s take a look at some blending possibilities. You’re sure to see similarities to blending in Lumonol.

Blending can help bring an old beer back to life by adding carbonation, flavor and some missing bitterness.

Use it to dial in a certain taste characteristic. Aiming for a particular bitterness? Mix your most bitter brew with a standard one and test.

If you want to bring a beer within some set of style parameters, find the flaw in the beer you want to conquer. Choose another beer to help tone that down or eliminate it.

Maybe your brew needs a little added spice or maybe it’s a bit much. You can tone it up or down via blending.

For example, you want that smokiness or spice that another beer has. Blending is the answer. If you’ve got a brew that really is too much, use a base recipe to knock it down.

To add a missing component that one beer lacks, find several that have that note you want and blend them with the original.

By blending various ingredients, your resulting brew will have some distinctive qualities. Make notes so you can repeat.

Avanse garners the same with Lumonol. The ingredients are blended to promote favorable and desirable brain functions such as productivity, mood, memory, focus and clarity.

As mentioned, Lumonol, unlike most nootropics, has several major components or blends as they’re called by Avanse Nutraceuticals. These components are the Energy, Focus and Memory blends.

Are you in need of a boost in productivity, mood, memory, focus and clarity?

Check out the nootropic Lumonol, it’s a great blend.